Save Bucks on Fashionable Eyewear  

Posted by Rick

It's good to see your kids getting ready for school. However, it's so sad to realize that their eyes are not yet ready for school. Their eyeglasses must have signs of breaking up. And despite the fact that you want to buy them new pair of eyeglasses, your budget is probably the problem. I would recommend that you watch Zenni Optical on TV!!! and choose from their $ 8 Rx eyeglasses that your children will surely brag about. It won't only make you save a lot but they are also fashionable for your kids to say High Five to Zenni Optical .

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Business Loans to Back You Up!  

Posted by Rick

Personal matters are said to be things that can wait as it needs more analysis than that of a business. But if you think applying for personal loans is what you really need at this point in time, you can do so. Don't hold yourself from doing what you want, especially if that can make you feel fine. But if you are more of a businessman than a sentimental being, it's high time that you keep an eye on your business. The global economic crisis might be on its way to trim your business down, or it might be soon lead to bankcruptcy if you take it for granted.
Of course, budget is one important aspect that you also have to consider in keeping your business stand still. If that is what bothering you lately, worry no more because is here to back you up. It offers business loans for entrepreneurs who have always dreamed of having a successful business in town or around the world.
Sure, you are interested to avail it. Who wouldn't be when your business credit is at stake? Why wait for bankcruptcy to put you down when in fact you can actually have greater chances of winning back the pride and effort you have done for your business. It's not yet too late. You can lean on them at anytime you decide of getting a loan from them. "Don't waste time calling anyone else - If you need Unsecured Financing for your Business, use - They are the only Company that can be trusted - It's a Jungle out there!"

It's Summer Time in Bora Bora!  

Posted by Rick

It's already February and summer season is already fast approaching. I am actually planning to bring my family in Bora Bora this coming summer vacation. I'm sure my wife and my son will be happier when they hear my plan. They always feel excited to travel to faraway places, especially in the islands.

How about you? Are you planning for an upcoming island vacation? Sure, you want to visit somewhere that is a little different than your place. It's so easy when you visit resorts in Bora Bora. It is one of the beautiful tourist spots in French Polynesia. Finding this unique spot to spend your summer vacation can be fulfilling and memorable for your family or friends. Perhaps, you will all gasp with awe upon seeing its beauty as it is the first time that you will get to see such a wonderful place that ever existed on earth.

Grabbing your chance of Tahiti vacation is perfect for fun and relaxation on the beach. If you visit the place on summer season, you will be amazed to find that the ocean is calm and serene. You will be lucky enough to take a glimpse of the sunrise and sunset when you sit on the beach along with your family or friends. If you love boating, this is the perfect place to do your hobby.You can rent a boat or try riding on a chartered boat fishing cruise. If you have kids who are below 16, you don't have to worry about them because Bora Bora is a licensed resort to entrust your safety. It will be more fun if the activity is done with the whole family.

If you choose to roam around the vicinity, you can also do so and see a better view of the ground. You may also consider horse-back riding during sunset. Shopping stores are also around so you can shop some souvenirs for your love-ones. Whatever your plan is, I would suggest that you try the famous Bora Bora. You will get to see a large beach with people who are having fun and you can see it in their faces that they are all enjoying their vacation.

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I Care for My Eyes  

Posted by Rick

I've been wanting to go to an optical clinic to have my eyes checked. My sight is getting blurry sometimes and I'm afraid that this might get worsen if I failed to have it checked so soon. I am still weighing my budget for the doctor's check-up fee and new eyeglasses. Yes, I prioritized Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank. And I was once told by a friend that I can always go to an optical clinic for an eye check-up as it is always important to know the right eyeglasses I would need. But when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses, he suggested that I better find the cheap but high-quality eyeglasses over the internet.

So it's what I did. A while ago, I was browsing the net and searched for a Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!
The search engine show me a lot of links, but what caught my attention was the headline Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! Of course, I got interested not only because New York Times is a renowned news source, but also because it features an optical source which is so timely for it is what I am really looking for. New York Times suggested that if people were to find cheap high quality eyeglasses, we must opt to one of Zenni Optical's stylish eyeglasses and not to mention their frames are way cheaper than other optical stores.

When I visit their site, I was surprised to see a lot of stylish eyeglasses. And I promise to get the one I am eyeing for. It looks stylish and elegant so no worry about looking old when wearing it.

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4 Reasons Why Traveling During a Recession is a Good Idea  

Posted by Rick

Ever thought of traveling in a recessionary economy? I bet not. During recession, everybody wants to earn money or save it, so travels are often out of the question because that will be spending money rather than saving or generating it. It is counterproductive, to say the least.

And yet, it is that very reason that makes travelling attractive during recession: everybody else wants to earn they will give their best to a tourist. You will receive better service, discounted fares, reduced accommodation costs, and less competition for attention along the way.

Discounted fares

The cost of oil has dropped from $150 to about $70 a barrel. This means airplane flight costs would have gone down by a significant percentage, which should translate to lower airfares. Since in a recession few people will travel due to lack of means --money is tight- the airlines will offer promos and more discounts in their effort to lure the small numbers of tourists their way. What works for airlines will be repeated by other transportation companies including cruise ships and tour buses. This will be very advantageous to the recession tourist.

Better service

The smaller number of tourists will urge service providers and employees of hotels, casinos, and similar establishments to perform better service. In a recession, many people will be out of jobs so there will be fierce competition for existing ones as well as vacancies. Therefore any employee who performs lower than the desirable levels would be in greater danger of being fired. Who would want to be out of a job when there are no alternative employments?

Likewise, the reduced number of clients will enable the staff, for example, to more easily familiarize with their clients, and the staff's smaller workload will give them longer time to attend to their clients' needs. Fewer visitors, reduced work: special treatment, better service.

Lower room rates

In the same manner as that of the airlines, accommodation providers that depend on tourism will compete with each other more fiercely for the smaller number of potential clients. Common methods of attracting visitors are reducing room rates, offering lower prices for groups and package tours. In whatever way it is done, the visitor will enjoy the benefits of less expense than normal.

Less competition for attention

Let us put it this way. If a provider's -tourist guide, hotel staff, resort attendant, restaurant waiter- attention is 100 units and you are in a group of 50, you get only two units of the attention as your share. If your group is only five, you get 20 units, which is of course markedly better. And this is applicable in all aspects of the travel in terms of service, from the flight stewardess to the tuk-tuk driver, the bartender to the masseuse, the bellhop to the hotel manager. This will be the resulting boon for a recession traveler, to be treated with extra-special care.

Why travel during a recession? One reason: you can expect to be treated royally but less expensively. Therefore more enjoyable, right?

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7 Golden Rules of Travel Writing  

Posted by Rick

Did you ever hear of the "golden rule?" The golden rule states to "treat others as you would want to be treated." This is great advice for anyone who is about to travel, especially if you're visiting a foreign country.

Most travel writers are probably unaware of the "golden rules of travel writing." Whether you're an aspiring or experienced travel writer, it's good to know and review the golden rules of travel writing. These rules can help you stay on track with your writing. Refer to them at anytime if you're stuck or need inspiration.

Golden Rules

  1. Travel as much as you can. It's not necessary for you to travel around the world. Travel within your own backyard and discover something new and then write about it. Your discoveries will be interesting to someone, somewhere.
  2. Write every day. Even if you write for an hour each day, the point is to write! This is a great way to improve upon your travel writing skills.
  3. Read publications such as National Geographic and Travel + Leisure Magazine. If you have a plan to reach a goal of writing for one of these publications then start by reading them. This is a great way to learn what types of articles are printed. Pay attention to the style and tone of each article.
  4. Take a travel writing course or two. It will not hurt you to sign up for a travel writing course.
  5. Join a writing group. You can join writing groups online or where you live. Visit and see what's available. Make sure to check out your local bookstore because they usually have book clubs and writing groups.
  6. Purchase a couple of travel writing books. L. Peat O'Neil's book See the World, Sell a Story is a fantastic book. It's packed with useful information and you'll find great resources at the end.
  7. Do not give up! Sometimes success takes time. Avoid giving up too soon before your dream is realized. Go with the flow and detach from your dream. This may sound contradictory from what you're used to doing. If you hold onto something and try to force it to happen, you can sabotage your dream. Take a step back, breathe deep, and just write. Visualize yourself being a travel writer but do not become obsessed with it. If you do, you" put out an energy that reeks of desperation. You'll create situations where you find yourself feeling desperate all of the time. This will only hinder your chances of being successful in travel writing.

Follow these golden rules and your travel writing will be good as gold! Refer back to them as often as you need to do so. It's important to nurture your travel writing and yourself. Don't be too hard on yourself. Remember, it's not about the destination, it's about the journey you take to get there.

Our website is dedicated to aspiring and experienced travel writers. You'll find inspiration, encouragement, and education on everything travel writing.

Sign up for our weekly blog recap. If you're about to travel this is a great way to keep up-to-date with the latest in travel writing. Also, check out our forum. If you have a question, login, and with a click of a button you'll have the answer to your question.

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All Inclusive Travel Packages  

Posted by Rick

Every day people are facing a lot of stress, may it be related to their personal relationships with others or their careers. That's why a lot are looking for ways to somehow get away from these, even for a short time. The problem, however, is that the prices of commodities have risen greatly that traveling is already considered very expensive, especially when you have your family or friends with you.

But things have changed; it is not that the costs have come down, but nowadays, we can already get cheap travel packages that include everything that is needed. This means when you choose these all inclusive travel packages, do not need to spend on anything else-unless you want to.

A few years earlier, the middle-class people could never even dream of holidays in places like Mexico or the Caribbean or even in Hawaii; but now, it is the middle class who really look forward to such holidays, and it is well within their grasp, thanks to the cheap all inclusive travel packages.

Nevertheless, it may take sometime before people can get used to the idea. After all, isn't it how many times that we get fooled by cheap rates with hidden costs. It may slowly change your mind, though, when you come to know the amenities and services that could possibly be included in the all inclusive travel packages. They could mean the inclusion of your airfare, meals, drinks, and a 5-star accommodation. There can be additional perks, such as complementary souvenir items or a day tour.

You can look forward to a lot of things, so you know that with these types of travel packages, you're getting the best of both worlds: comfort and fun at a very low price.

If you think that finding companies that provide such packages is tough, then you should know that there are plenty of options. For one, you can always scout for a travel agent, who can offer you the best possible rates for this type of package. You can find him or her in the World Wide Web. Normally, these travel agencies come up with such offers throughout the year.

Some all inclusive travel packages are not only contained in beaches and other exotic beaches, but may also include cruises. This means that you and your loved ones will be able to visit a number of countries or cities in a specified number of days aboard the best cruise ships in the world.

You can also get the most of your all inclusive packages during your vacation if you use it during off season. At these times, the rates are incredibly at their lowest. What's more, there are lesser people, so you can far better enjoy your privacy. There can even be discounts offered on items and services that are not included in the package.

With these all inclusive travel options, exotic locations all around the world have become tourist destinations for all, whether you are rich or poor. If you always wanted to visit your dream place at a far lower cost, then what are you waiting for? Find such packages and realize your dreams.

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